Martin Firrell / Moon Laramie / Peter Tatchell / Susan Rudy


Director – Oliver Guy-Watkins

Producer – Orly Nurany

Cinematographer – John Schofield

Editor – Orly Nurany

Sound Design – Hein Verhoeven

Colour & Graphics – Steven Alexander Bos


Overthrow The Social Order

Is gender a life sentence?

Overthrow The Social Order follows celebrated British artist and activist Martin Firrell as he undertakes a large scale, nationwide public artwork to mark the 50th anniversary of the Sexual Offences Act in the UK. The landmark piece of legislation was the first step in decriminalising homosexual men.

Martin chose not to celebrate the act, which in itself was flawed, but instead use the occasion to ask a question about the future. What would happen if we abolished gender labelling?

Featuring appearances from activist Peter Tatchell and academic Susan Rudy, the film follows Martin as he and his husband bake Victoria Sponge cakes and invite influential business people to sit down and talk openly about the positives and negatives of gender labels in their environments. Whilst he simultaneously develops the work in a way that will communicate in a public space.


Visions Du Reel Media Library 2018

Sky Arts New Zealand 2018